Welcome to Electrotherapy Designs! I've taken nostalgic items and have combined them with contemporary designs and new electronics in an attempt to create something unique and interesting. The creations in my shop were hand built, designed, or assembled by me. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you would like a custom order. Electrotherapy Designs has been featured in Make Magazine, the Downtown L.A. Artwalk, and will soon be selling at the Melrose Trading Post. Thank you for stopping by. ~ Cheers!

​​Several years ago someone invited me to attend the Edwardian Ball in Los Angeles. Having no idea what "Edwardian" meant, I did some investigating and learned that Edwardian is a style that was propagated by King Edward VII in the early 1900's. I also learned that Edwardian belonged to a sub-genre called Steampunk. Through my research I also learned about the many sub-genres of Steampunk, as well as Nikola Tesla. I was fascinated with Tesla because he was such an amazing and prolific inventor. I was also fascinated with the futuristic designs at the turn of the century and what we now call Steampunk designs. I use this inspiration to guide some of my designs and creations. I am a fan of Nikola Tesla, Steampunk, and its many sub-genres . This interest was a key driver for creating and designing unique pieces of art, as well as Nixie clocks and other pieces. Creating and designing is also a great way to escape from it all.
Electrotherapy Designs